Temporary & Permanent Employment Agency in Beaumont, TX

If you are new in Beaumont or a Southeast Texas native, choosing American Personnel & Temps for your Employment Agency for all your temporary or permanent employment needs is definitely a move in the right direction. We provide a full range of staffing services to meet every need, whether for an individual, a small business, or a major industry. For an experienced Employment Agency serving all of Southeast Texas, call American Personnel & Temps, at 409-892-0310.

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Experienced and Qualified Employees

American Personnel & Temps is a Staffing Company located in Beaumont, Texas committed to the businesses of Southeast Texas. We are always striving to achieve excellence in producing quality employees with the right experience to match the business needs of each of our clients. We know not every business industry is the same and each one needs careful attention to detail to provide good quality employees with the service you deserve to back it up. For the Staffing Company in Beaumont, Texas qualified to take the burden off of you, call American Personnel & Temps at 409-892-0310.

Dedicated Staffing Coordinators

American Personnel & Temps has dedicated staffing coordinators to work with you to determine the staffing logistics for your job orders along with saving you valuable time and money. As outsourcing non-core services becomes more and more essential to enable business owners to differentiate and compete, a partnership with American Personnel & Temps can accelerate talent acquisition while at the same time reduce costs, risks and turn over. Once American Personnel & Temps becomes more familiar with your culture, our ability to identify top talent for your unique needs will improve over time, giving you a competitive advantage in addition to the peace of mind having a local HR expert as part of your team. American Personnel & Temps provides quality, efficient workers that suit your needs so that you can focus on what’s important….your core business.  You will find a list of services below that we  have been offering Southeast Texas businesses for over 47 years. We love our clients and we love what we do.

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Services Included in the Bill Rate:

  • Recruiting

  • Ad Placement

  • State required new hire paperwork

  • Interview process

  • Computer training

  • Computer skills testing

  • Safety training

  • W-2 processing

  • W-4 processing

  • I-9 processing

  • Light duty management

  • Arranging ISTC training

  • Unemployment claim processing

  • Employee tax deposits

  • Employee 940/941 form processing

  • Texas Employment Commission form processing

  • Federal Employment form processing
  • 24 hour On-Call
  • Pre-employment drug screening

  • Pre-employment background checks

  • Pre-employment reference checks

  • Payroll processing

  • FICA – Federal Insurance Contributions Act
  • FUTA – Federal Unemployment Act
  • SUTA – State Unemployment Act
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Paid vacation for employees
  • Work related counseling
  • Termination of employees
  • We absorb all turnover costs
  • Incident, Accident & Injury Investigation

At American Personnel & Temps, we listen, we deliver, we make the difference. Whether you want one or hundreds of employees,
Call American Personnel & Temps at  409-892-0310 today.